In Certain Places

In Certain Places is a programme of artistic interventions and events, led by curators Elaine Speight and Professor Charles Quick with associate Rachel Bartholomew, in the School of Art, Design and Fashion at the University of Central Lancashire. Based in the City of Preston, in the North West of England, the project examines how artists can contribute to the form and functions of a place, by exploring new approaches to art, culture and urban development.

For 10 years, ICP has been working with artists and architects to generate new understanding of the urban environment, testing new ideas in the city’s public spaces, and forming collaborations with artists, institutions, communities, businesses and other individuals in Preston and beyond. The fountain sculpture Appearing Rooms by artist Jeppe Hein drew hundreds to the Market Square in 2006 and in 2013 the popular Harris Flights staircase became a new destination and a cultural hub, with over 60 events organised on and around the installation.

In Certain Places has recently been celebrated by the publication of the book Subplots to a City. Ten Years of In Certain Placesa resource for those interested in place-based art, which also contributes to the critical discourse around such practices. Alongside images, project outlines and reflections from artists, audience members and collaborators, the book includes texts by Speight and Quick, and contributions by specialists from various fields, including Owen HatherleyLubaina HimidSophie HopePaul O’Neill and Jonathan Vickery.

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